This is how we clean our used records:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Maintenance

Tonar Tacky Cleaner

With the Tacky Cleaner, moving in straight lines, we can remove all dust, hair, sand and even nicotine of the records without rubbing it in. Does miracles on 7inch-singles as well. When the Tacky is getting less sticky simply put a drop of washing liquid on it and wash by hand under medium-warm water. We are still using the same Tacky since the day of opening in 2015.

QS Audio Vinyl Liquid

We usually spray a bit on the microfiber cloth and get rid of fingerprints and fly dump. Also makes the record anti-static and leaves NO residue. Also for sale in a 1 Liter bottle, ideal for using with your Knosti.


QS Goathair Brush

Having completed Step 1 and 2, we play the record. If it still sounds like a campfire, with no scratches in sight, we pull out the big gun: the Goat!
Spray the record really wet, hold the brush to distribute the fluid, then put the player on 78rpm and twist the brush to go against the spin. Often the problem spots can be found by feeling it. Stop the player and gently wipe off the wetness. Saved many records.


Tonar Dustaway - Carbon fiber and velvet brush

This is basically an essential item for enjoying your records. Use it every time you put on the vinyl, it will improve the sound and extends the life of your stylus (needle). The Carbon fiber edges make the record anti-static, whilst the velvet bed in the middle picks up the dust. We do have several different types in stock.

Needles and Belts

A saphire needle (as found in those new retro-looking players) plays for about 50 hrs before it destroys your records. We don't sell saphire.
A diamond needle will play around 500 hrs on average. Since there are 1000's of different types, we can't have them in stock. If you send us good pictures of the element it's housed in, we will provide you with the best option.
As for belts: measure the length (when lying parallel), the width, and notice what shape it is (flat/round/square). Write down the player brand and type as well.
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