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Cash, Johnny  · Orange Blossom Special · 

· 200 gr / 28pt Tip-On Gatefold ·



Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  · Orange ·  TIP

· ·



Space Dimension Controller  · Orange Melamine · 

· 2LP Incl.Mp3 Download-Code ·


The recording process involved Space Dimension Controller (real name Jack Hamill) using a batch of unopened pyral cassette tapes from the 70’s, some of which were so old they had degraded, he claims: “A lot of the drum sounds were created from scratch in some granular programs and putting them onto the tapes really changed the sound of them. Every track in each track was recorded separately onto one of these tapes at double speed and 200% pitch then the tape was recorded back into the DAW at half speed. Looking back at it now, I can’t believe how patient I was when making this album, it really took a long time.” The use of these tapes creates a rough prettiness and incessant buzz beneath the stuttering beats and glitch-heavy techno effects. On tracks like “The Bad People” and “West G Cafetaria” Hamill, like the best producers of his ilk, has made something just short of pop music without compromising the album’s essential strange qualities. The title refers to Hamill